Saturday, August 4, 2012

Get Out and Vote, or Maybe Not

Well, it's here...another election year and the political parasites are out in full force, invading our homes and our right to privacy. The robocalls and the smooth talkers are calling at all hours of the day and night, begging for our votes.

If you or I constantly made harassing phone calls to complete strangers, we would undoubtedly be arrested and put in jail. If they are lucky enough to get through to us without being hung up on, do they really think we're going to believe their B.S., be swayed to change our minds, or even remember their names by the time we get to our polling places?

Television ads are no different. They all make the same disparaging claims about their opponents, and even hire the same voice announcer to deliver their messages from different sides.

Yard signs are another waste of resources. If your neighbor down the street has a yard sign touting "Joe Blow," but you don't like the neighbor because he lets his dog run loose in the neighborhood, then "Joe Blow" is probably not going to get your vote.

A lot of people will blindly stumble into the voting booth and vote for a "Mike Smith" instead of someone named "Harold Halfwitt" only to find out later that "Mike Smith" was running on the Communist Neo-Nazi ticket.

Yes, it's our constitutional right and privilege to vote, even if we are completely uninformed about the candidates and totally stupid about their platform and political agenda. Then, we can sit back and bitch the next four years about what losers they are. Or, if we don't have a clue, we could do the country a service and just stay home on election day.

In all seriousness, make it a point to get informed about the candidates and what they stand for before casting your votes. It's not only a right and privilege, but your duty.