Sunday, July 15, 2012

Living on the Sun

So far, this summer is turning out to be one heck of a hot one in the Ozarks! I know this isn't the only area of the country that is miserable, but it seems like the sun is parked right over my house and isn't moving!

We've had no rain to speak of, and the wind is like a fire-breathing dragon. It's hard for my air conditioner to keep up, and the needles on the electric meter are spinning like an airplane propeller. When I walk on my front lawn, it sounds like I'm walking on broken glass, and the grasshoppers seem as big as kangaroos. The handle on my front door is like grabbing a hot branding iron, and the sun coming in the windows from the west is like laser beams from "War of the Worlds."

I wish I had a swimming pool, but then I'd be griping about the water bill. I wish I had some shade trees, but I don't. I cut the ones down that I did have because I don't like to rake leaves, but I still get as about as many leaves as I used to from trees at the neighbors.

I'll be glad when winter comes. . .then I'll gripe about how cold it is!

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